API Reference

Groups are used to organize media and users into flexible, customized containers. They are searchable, support custom meta-data and can be manually ordered for display.

Adds a media item to a group.

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Returns a list of groups for a specific vhost

Pagination may be controlled via the "startPage" and "pageSize" parameters

The optional "sort" argument is a string that can be used to specify one field to sort the returned groups by.The sort parameter can also include a sort direction ("ASC" or "DESC").

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Checks whether a user is in an group.

A simple boolean will be returned, true if the user is in the group, false otherwise.

If includeChildren is true then this function will return true if the user is in the group specified or any of its descendants.

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Moves a media to a Group, removeing it from all other groups.

This API call Requires permissions of the same name;

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